I’m a maker. I build things and share them — I’m a lifelong proponent of show and tell. I create video content for Adafruit Industries, write for Make: magazine , Boing Boing, and Kevin Kelly’s Cool Tools. I hosted the Emmy-nominated Make: television show on Public Television.

I’ve spent over twenty years in computer graphics, including as a character technical director and CG supervisor with Disney Animation Studios and Disneytoon Studios respectively, and as tech transfer producer with Disney Research.

Along with Brian Jepson and Tod Kurt, I started a company called WingShield Industries to design and build electronic and mechanical hardware hacking/prototyping kits.

I wrote the book Understanding 3D Animation Using Maya, as well as contributing three projects to the excellent kids’ project book Unbored, and the cover project, Chauncy the Flower Care ‘Bot for Make: 3D Printing Projects.

I’m a husband, and a father of two. I have my obsessions, including cocktails, coffee, and robots. And aerial circus arts. And training for American Ninja Warrior.

5 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi, My name is Bas Horsman from the Netherlands. I read your blogpost at Boing Boing


    and after trying to get my hands on one in Europe i found that Ra Chand actually sells directly from


    I purchased a J500 for 265 USD including shipping to The Netherlands easily and the crew at Ra Chand (owner Keith and assistant Naomi) were very nice and swift to arrange shipping within 10 days.

    I think you should re-blog this and give them credit, I’ve sent them the link to your post of course and complimented them on their business.

    Best regards,

    Bas Horsman


  2. I saw this “Computer Music Making #109” on SCETV early this morning. Please tell me where can I buy this video. Please response. Thanks. JP

  3. Hi John, I saw your cool project on the ItsyBitsy keybow conversion. I’m wondering if such version is capable to access to the bios of a connected pc, since the regular pi zero keyboard is not…

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