Pick part two

More good stuff from the heart of Burbank picking.



Wood handled screwdrivers



Spiral screwdriver, adjustable wrench, box wrench, pliers




Snap-on 1/4″ x 5/16″ ratchet box wrench, German thread nipper




Craftsman tape measure, Ma Bell keychain with screw drivers, feeler gauges, hex drivers




Weird hammer, weird DTMF phone keypad box…


I’m looking forward to digging into this phone keypad box. I’d love to hear from anyone with info on this hammer.




Estate sale haulĀ 

Burbank garages are full of great old stuff. 

Pratt & Whitney end mills

Mine Safety Appliances Co. safety harness


Lyon steel lockers


Dayton Electric metal cutting shears


General Electric DC volt meter


Scout stapler


Trombero Carlson powered handsets


yet another hammer


Dieselpunk bicycle fender

My daughter loves her new bike. My daughter loves wearing skirts over bicycle shorts. My daughter’s skirts touch the rear wheel and get dirty. I built a rear fender for her bike.

I used aluminum flashing, overlapping three sheets.

I attempted to spot weld them together, but this was too powerful. Mostly, I melted holes through the flashing.

This turned out to be a good way to “drill” holes.

Which I then bored out with an awl and used pop rivets to fasten.

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