Burbank yard sale report – 11/8/15 edition

Three dollars spent this weekend at various yard sales.

First up: four welding plier clamps. $1.50. Original owner was a Lockheed aviation machinist.


Two of them are unmarked, the other two are Knu-Vise brand model P-400-1. They still sell this model today, for around $18 a piece.


Two go carts. $0.00, a.k.a. free. What?! Not technically a yard sale item. I was dropping my son off at school and somebody had set these out on the curb with a FREE sign. They work pretty well, but looking into replacing/upgrading the batteries…



Which leads to: Snap-on/Blue Point MT130 Charging System Analyzer for testing car batteries and alternators.  $0.50. Could be helpful in working on the go carts.


Finally, a deck of Magic Castle playing cards — the cards inside are still sealed. $1.00. I’ll be gifting this to a friend who’s pretty into cards and magic.


IMG_0823 IMG_0824


Estate sale haul 

Burbank garages are full of great old stuff. 

Pratt & Whitney end mills

Mine Safety Appliances Co. safety harness


Lyon steel lockers


Dayton Electric metal cutting shears


General Electric DC volt meter


Scout stapler


Trombero Carlson powered handsets


yet another hammer


Steel Side Chair Steal

Got this today for ten dollars: a 1964 steel side chair made by the Harter Corporation in Sturgis, Michigan. It was property of Lockheed-California a division of Lockheed Aircraft here in Burbank.



I tested out stripping the paint and love the way it looks, so I plan to strip it down to brushed metal and then maybe protect it with clear coat or oil.