Lovely estate sale tools

Picked up some wonderful things at this sale.

This is a Stanley #77 mortise gauge for marking consistent lines measured from the edge of a piece of wood. The moustache-shaped brass wear plate is delightful.

The full haul:

  • Lufkin No.1174 folding metal ruler
  • Lead mallet(!)
  • Various clamps
  • Abus combo padlock
  • MAC Tools gap feeler gauge
  • Sliding bevel gauge
  • Leather working awls/punches
  • Sewing stitcher awl
  • Channel Lock end nippier
  • Snap-On six inch pocket ruler
  • Aforementioned Stanley marking gauge
  • Sampson caliper, tiny
  • Starrett No.209-C 0″-1″ micrometer

This mic is in good shape, other than cosmetic. It is still perfectly zeroed, and with good care should remain that way for another hundred years. Starrett tools are terrific, a great  old company located in Athol, Mass.


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