Slackline adventure begins

Slacklining! I’d never done it before, so I decided to dive in head first. Figuratively, and possibly literally.

IMG_8537slack  IMG_8551slackIMG_8553slack  IMG_8555slack IMG_8556slack  IMG_8557slack IMG_8558slack

What I’ve built is a “primitive” slackline which is made entirely from climbing webbing, two rappel rings, and four carabiners (ignore the extra carabiners and accessory cord in my photo above, those are for a different project). No ratchets or any specialized gear that I couldn’t repurpose for other climbing activities. The system is a really simple/clever friction lock that’s easy to set up, pull huge tension onto, and simple to break down with one tug of the line. This one can go for a 50′ run and cost $75 from REI.


Excellent resource I used for setting it up is this guide from NWslackline. Adam’s also got a great video on it here.

My primary goal is to walk on the slackline with great élan and ease. Secondary goal: try to do calisthenics and balance tricks on is, such as the following elbow lever and dubious L-sit.