Dieselpunk bicycle fender

My daughter loves her new bike. My daughter loves wearing skirts over bicycle shorts. My daughter’s skirts touch the rear wheel and get dirty. I built a rear fender for her bike.

I used aluminum flashing, overlapping three sheets.

I attempted to spot weld them together, but this was too powerful. Mostly, I melted holes through the flashing.

This turned out to be a good way to “drill” holes.

Which I then bored out with an awl and used pop rivets to fasten.

I rolled the sheets over a tube to round the fender slightly. This didn’t work very well, I should have probably done this prior to welding/drilling and riveting to enhance the arc.

Next, I snipped a tab to attach it to the frame of her bike, and bolted on a fender bracket from an old bike.

Finally, I bent back the sharp corners with pliers, and mounted the fender to her bike.


It is utilitarian, at least. At best, it lends a Mad Max aesthetic to her existing purple floral style.

Asked for comment, Beatrix said, “I don’t hate it, leave it on.”


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