Florence Siphon Coffee Brewing on Make: Live

I’ll be sharing the alchemy of my Florence Siphon Coffee Brewer tonight on Make: Live. Thanks to Becky and Matt for having me on the show.

Becky Stern says:

Make: Live airs tonight! Don’t miss our brewing episode where guests Diane Gilleland and John Park show us how to roast and brew coffee, DIY style. Douglas Amport and John LaPolla from City Brewshop stop by to teach us how to make beer and take your questions. We’ll also have special deals and giveaways for you makers in the live audience:• Digi-Key tool giveaway: Weller soldering station + component grab bag

• We’ll announce a special code to get a fantastic deal on Bay Area Maker Faire tickets

• Maker Shed discount code

• City Brewshop giveaway: 5 Gallon “Brewing Essentials” starter kit (with pale ale Ingredients kit)

Make: Live 08 – Brewing Beer and Coffee

Wednesday May 11th, 9pm ET/6pm PT

Watch at makezine.com/live or on UStream