Mystery Box assembly video

I made this short video to demonstrate the assembly of the laser-cut Mystery Box. While there is an instruction sheet packed in with the kit, this seemed like a nice way to show the particulars.

Buy one now at ThinkGeek or the MakerShed!


Product review: Blueant Supertooth 3

Blueant sent me this to review, and I’ve got to say it’s pretty darned good. It’s a handsfree bluetooth speakerphone for the car, which hooks to your visor. Actually, a little metal clip hooks to your visor, and the Blueant clings to that with two powerful magnets.

Once paired with your phone, it can answer and place calls through a quick jab at the buttons, or via voice command. I don’t have the patience for voice commands, but hitting the buttons works just fine. The speaker and voice quality are both quite fine.

You can get one for under $100. This is quite a bit more than the free earbud that came with my cell phone, but this does make it easy to have speakerphone conversations where all the kids in the minivan get involved. Maybe that’s not such a good thing after all…

Another plus is that its battery holds a charge a for good week, if you keep calls to one or two a day. I charge it with the supplied DC wall wart, but it can also be charged via USB.

BlueAnt Supertooth 3 Bluetooth Handsfree (Black)

Egg timer

This is the greenest temporary enclosure I’ve ever used. This carton has served as: an egg carton, an art supply for my kids, and now a button box and circuit board enclosure for a project I’m developing.

Don’t worry, I’ll erase all of that eco-friendliness when the finished version is made from freeze-dried petroleum and panda skulls.