Make: television debuts on public television today

I’m very excited about it, and I’ve probably blathered on to you enough about this, but in case you missed it (or tuned me out) the Make: television show premieres today. It’s a wonderful show based on Make: magazine.

Each episode leads off with a documentary-style maker profile, such as Burning Man favorites Cyclecide, or kite-aerial photographer Cris Benton. I host the Maker Workshop segment, so you’ll get to watch me build things like air cannons, tiny robots, a Wii nunchuck-based flight recorder, and a VCR-powered cat feeder. And there are many other short videos to follow about some incredible, artistic, odd, practical, impractical, and insane things being built by creative makers everywhere.

You can check the schedule linked below to find out when Make: will air in your region, or watch it online or in iTunes.