Make: blog

I’m wildly excited to be blogging over at the Make: blog now! It’s an awesome blog run by a fantastic group of people. To rehash my introductory post there:

By day I’m a character rigger making animated movies; by night (and early morning), I’m a father and husband, Maker, and freelance writer. Thanks to a chance encounter at the 2008 Bay Area Maker Faire, I’m going to be the host of the Maker Workshop on the upcoming Make: television show airing on PBS in January.

Topics I’m likely to post about:

* Coffee hacking

* Needlessly complex electromechanical contraptions

* Diving into projects with an imbalanced enthusiasm-to-knowledge ratio

* Shocking behind-the-scenes tales of making the TV show

Topics I’m unlikely to post about:

* Hydroelectric power plant overclocking

* The undiscovered “Soilpunk” gardening technology genre

* Arduino-based marital aids

It’s a tremendous honor to be here, thank you for having me!

Here’s the link to the Make: blog.