BOLT comes out today

Go see it! I think the opening action sequence alone is worth the price of admission!!


BOLT review from a fifth-grader

Miss McGraff’s fifth-grade class talks about Bolt. From interviews conducted for our class newspaper.

Madison J. I think it is the best movie of the year. I think Miley Cyrus will probably win the Oscar award. She rocks! It was sad and funny and the songs were really cool. I held hands with my two best friends and we cried when…well, I won’t tell you what happened but I bet you’ll cry to.

John Hodgman Loves Crystal Head Vodka

I think his expression says it all. This was the More Information Than You Require book tour show at the Echoplex in Los Angeles. He Twittered earlier that day that it would be helpful if someone could bring a bottle of Dan Ackryod’s Crystal Head Vodka. I think four or more people availed him of it.

It was a wonderful, hilarious evening, featuring Hodgman’s reading from his book of lies and songs by Jonathan Coulton and John Roderick.

Maker’s Notebook light mod

(cross-posted from Make: blog)


During filming of the latest set of episodes, I gave Maker’s Notebooks to some of the wonderful crew members on the set of the Make: television show. We got to talking about modding them, and someone said, “I wish the thing had a reading light”. My idea is to use the embedded bookmark ribbon as a reading light platform. I’ve never worked with conductive thread or surface mount LEDs before, so any tips/warnings before I go down that road would be welcome!


This is an LED, battery, and thread from the new Lilypad e-sewing kit I just got. That thing puts out a pretty bright light!

Make: blog

I’m wildly excited to be blogging over at the Make: blog now! It’s an awesome blog run by a fantastic group of people. To rehash my introductory post there:

By day I’m a character rigger making animated movies; by night (and early morning), I’m a father and husband, Maker, and freelance writer. Thanks to a chance encounter at the 2008 Bay Area Maker Faire, I’m going to be the host of the Maker Workshop on the upcoming Make: television show airing on PBS in January.

Topics I’m likely to post about:

* Coffee hacking

* Needlessly complex electromechanical contraptions

* Diving into projects with an imbalanced enthusiasm-to-knowledge ratio

* Shocking behind-the-scenes tales of making the TV show

Topics I’m unlikely to post about:

* Hydroelectric power plant overclocking

* The undiscovered “Soilpunk” gardening technology genre

* Arduino-based marital aids

It’s a tremendous honor to be here, thank you for having me!

Here’s the link to the Make: blog.