Roller coaster I’m not riding

We went to the Mall of America this morning for a location shoot. At least I think that’s what it’s called — I don’t really know any TV lingo. The Mall has four roller coaster in it. How many does yours have? Mine has none, but I think that’s because it never gets cold in Los Angeles, so we leave ours outside.

We were there to film me pulling low-grade g-forces on the turns and hills. I don’t like huge coasters (OK, I’m a total wimp) but they assured me it would be a dinky little one. Note for the future: always go on high alert when people “assure” you of things. You can see where this is going. I arrived with the executive producer and the rest of the crew were already there, standing in front of a fairly scary looking coaster with big vertical drops, loops, corkscrews, the works. I’m starting to feel a bit uneasy (read: terrified) as they’re figuring out how to get a camera man, sound guy and me on this thing and film the segment while we’re all white-knuckling it and screaming our innards out.

Thankfully, we all decided (I begged) it was going to be too violent a ride for us and we downgraded to a happy little regular coaster for lightweights like me. The slap in the face: all of the teenage girl extras went on the scary one anyway just for fun.