Maker’s Notebook

I got some Maker’s Notebooks in and they are fantastic. They’re a cross between lab notebook, pocket reference (there are conversion charts, lists of which glues bond what materials, resistor codes, and so on), and moleskine. How didi this come to be? Editor Gareth Branwyn says:

We’ve been kicking around the idea of doing a Maker’s Notebook for a while. We figured the MAKE audience was likely big on blank journals and thought it’d be fun to do a project notebook optimized for the readers of Make and Craft. There seems to be a significant spike of interest in analog notebooks, journaling, Moleskines, and the like. People seem nostalgic for “analog” writing technologies, such as fountain pens, mechanical pencils, high-quality journals, and vintage stationary supplies. And, of course, the DIY/Maker Movement only seems to be getting bigger, perhaps in part to the state of the economy – people are looking to do-it-themselves. These two interests converge in the Maker’s Notebook

In typical Maker fashion, they’re meant to be modified to suit you. Some people have built pockets into the back, added pen holders, and more. They’ve even got their own webpage to see what people are doing with them.

I’m not sure how exactly I’m going to modify mine, but I’m interested in cutting out some of those rectangles on the front, since they’ve got a raised “perforation” to them, they’re just begging for it. I’d also like to electrify one, and do something with magnets…

I’m using this one to do sketches and note taking for Make Magazine projects, appropriately. I’m very proud of my kustom pinstripe lettering. OK, it’s actually stickers from a Mini Cooper ad, but doesn’t it look neat-o?!