Pelican case meets laser beam

This is for a Make: television project Tod Kurt and I are working on. Tod’s Epilog laser cutter is cutting out a rectangle from the top of a Pelican case, so that I can mount a serial LCD panel there.
This turned out much neater than my Dremel cut version. The best part is the thick bed of evil yellow smoke that curls forth when you open the lid. I’m pretty sure this smoke is good for you, so I inhaled of it deeply.



This struck me as an awful lot of plumbing just to get that flow meter in there. And why the U bend at one end?

JetSteam Ai-1 espresso machine

I first saw this machine, the JetSteam Ai-1, at the SCAA (Specialty Coffee Association of America) show in Long Beach. It is very cool and minimal looking — most of the guts (boiler, pump, etc.) are hidden below inside a cabinet, so only the controls, portafilter holder, and steam wand are mounted on the counter. They claim serious temperature stability, thanks to dual PID devices (one for water boiler, one for steam).

Its designer Corey Waldron has been working on it for over 7 years, and people are guessing it’ll cost around $6k, but I haven’t heard anything official. Here’s an action video.

Air cannon joy

When the director starts giving you trouble it’s important to remember who’s holding the enormous gun. Hence the smile!
I found out that Bill Gurstelle’s friend Casimir Sienkiewicz build this beauty.

Camera rig

Here’s the camera rig that Bill Gurstelle built for our Pole Camera episode on Make: television. There’s one servo to control tilt and another to remotely trigger the shutter.

It works great — we took it to Como Zoo this morning to take picture of orangutans, who were seriously unimpressed with us and our antics.