Gitane Grand Sport De Luxe

gitaneDirty 003, originally uploaded by JohnEdgarPark.

I just picked up this old bike for $40. It’s an entry level French road bike from the 70s. I’m planning to turn it into a minimalist single speed (and part time fixie, by using a “flip-flop” hub).
Here’s a link about it’s history on the Gitane site.


Walt Disney Studios Fire Dept.

The WDSFD logo is excellent. Unfortunately, whenever I see one of these trucks it means the field behind the animation building is on fire.


Magnolia Park in the LA Times

Our beloved Burbank neighborhood got a writeup in today’s LA Times. There’s also a slide show accompanying the article. These are some of the photos, by Francine Orr/Los Angeles Times. From the article:

ANTIQUE STORES and thrift shops rule Magnolia Boulevard — the main artery of Burbank’s Magnolia Park neighborhood — but that doesn’t mean the area is stuck in a dusty past. Founded in 1923, the quarter roughly bounded by Hollywood Way on the west and Buena Vista Street on the east still has Eisenhower-era storefronts, ranch-style homes dating to the 1940s and a small-town feel unblemished by chains and big-box stores. Yet Magnolia Park has found a way to parlay this into retro cool without sacrificing its independent spirit. Idiosyncratic boutiques and restaurants with a focus on nostalgic Americana are making the old new again. It might not be the next Silver Lake, but a new outpost of that area’s trendy Vietnamese eatery, Gingergrass, is coming soon, another step toward making Magnolia Park a gathering spot for the iPhone-and-Dwell-magazine crowd.

Zip tie art

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Zip tie art, originally uploaded by JohnEdgarPark.

There was an art gallery at SIGGRAPH 2008 that contained this incredible worm-hole looking piece created entirely out of zip ties. Does anyone know who the artist is?