Mirror hang


Finally decided to hang the full-length mirror on the closet door today. So I grabbed a bag of tools.


Marked and drilled some holes.


Made some sawdust. Or whatever you call MDF spirals.


Realized the depth of the mounting brackets was too deep and would need some double-stick tape padding.

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Laser Cut Acrylic Mailbox Door Fix

The glass door of our mailbox fell off and shattered spectacularly last week. I decided to fix it by building a new door out of acrylic on Betty, my Epilog laser cutter.


I began by measuring the space and drafting it in Rhino. I created a closed polyline curve for vector cutting of the shape, and a solid text hatch for raster etching the word “LETTERS”. I then sent this file to print on the laster cutter.

IMG_6864.JPG IMG_6867.JPG

For some reason the only piece I had big enough (roughly 14″x8″) was the blue acrylic I used for my Arduino Grande  project. So we’ll be the people with a blue mailbox door and an orange house door. Subtle.


I donned my air filtration mask, as the fumes that come from laser cutting acrylic smell like saccharine death fumes from the planet Huffbag.


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Vertical Pole Build

When I publicly commit to kooky goals, such as training for a Festivus-like, barren-pole feat of strength, there may be some DIY gymnastics/parkour equipment-building involved.
Rather than digging a post hole and planting a pole in concrete (which I’ll be doing for more elaborate future project) I decided to mount a pole to the wooden playset in the backyard. (I checked with my kids first — they were cool with it.)
I got a 10′ length of 1-1/2″ O.D. galvanized Schedule 40 steel pipe and cut it down to 6′. I don’t own a pipe threader, and the one at my local hardware store is down for maintenance, so I opted to press fit (as in, with a deadblow hammer) the pipe into threaded elbows.

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Human Flag Goal Unlocked

I did it.

I did it

Remember back in May, when I did this?


And then trained like this?


Well, thanks to my Pilates trainer Jaime Rutt, and a lot of bodyweight workouts, today I did this:

I managed an eight second flag. For people keeping score at home, that’s about 12% of the current world record of 65 seconds. Pretty sure I’ll be showing this off at every party, bus stop, and playground I encounter from here on out.