My axe

I now have an axe, thanks to an estate sale. It’s an old Swedish 3-1/2 lb. Hults Bruk AGDOR felling axe. I’m going to restore it and then look for stuff to fell.

Bitters Resources

I had the great pleasure of teaching my DIY Cocktail Bitters class again at Machine Project yesterday evening. Thanks to everyone for coming out and partaking of all the fun and dropping of knowledge. Here are some links to various resources of interest:





Wooden Beam Lamp

Lamp beam - hammer in lamp pole

Lamp beam - drill holeLamp beam - admire the first section of the lamp.Lamp beam - finishedLamp beam - deployed in our living room

I repurposed a scrap of 1939 4×4 beam from my house remodel to build a lamp base. I have a couple of these black metal gooseneck lamps in my garage with no bases — they broke years ago, some kind of cement in the base that crumbled, taking the threaded mount with it.
So, I drilled a hole in the 4×4, mounted the lamp post in there, and added bent nail to hold the cord. I love the result!