Disney Research


I’m thrilled to announce my new position as a Producer at Disney Research! Starting in December, I’ll be working to share the research scientists’ innovations in areas including robotics, computer graphics, human-computer interaction, and computational materials with the other divisions of Disney. It’ll draw upon both my maker and CG animation experiences. Should this somehow lead to airborne swarms of tiny Imagineering spider drones assisting us all with our luggage at Shanghai Disneyland, my dreams will have been realized.



A friend told me he bought a little 70s motorcycle from a guy. Turns out it was used by the Shriners. Turns out it’s not working. Turns out it’s a 1975 Honda CB125S. Turns out he wants to sell it.


I will make it mine. I will tear it down and rebuild it. I have no idea what I’m doing. I can’t wait.

Nerf Mod

We weren’t too impressed with the firepower of my son’s birthday present, the Nerf Centurion. So, we opened it up and removed the air restrictors. While we were in there, we also defeated or removed the various locks for making the barrel extension attachment permanent. Now, he can pull the barrel extender on and of as needed.

Automatic Nerf Sentry Gun

I built this Nerf Sentry Gun by grafting a couple of Arduinos, a power supply, a motor, and an ultrasonic distance sensor onto a Nerf Vulcan machine gun. I posted these build notes on Make: online. I’ve never compiled them all in one place, however, so this post serves to tie the whole project together in one place.

Part 1: Wiring the trigger

The first step was to add wiring and a two-wire connector to control the trigger circuit. I opened up the Nerf Vulcan (about 30 screws) and soldered an 1/8″ female jack to the fire selection mode switch. This way, I can retain all the regular functions of the gun when it’s unplugged from the Arduino. To control it from the Arduino, I’ll flip the orange switch on top to “off” and then wire the trigger into the “pulled” position (done here with a classy twist tie). Whenever the Arduino’s trigger circuit closes (bypassing that orange “off” switch) the gun will start firing.

To add the connector, I drilled a 1/4″ hole in the gun’s hand grip, fed the sleeve through, and secured it with a couple of zip ties inside for strain relief.

Next, I’m planning to build the Arduino’s trigger circuit using a MOSFET transistor wired to a male 1/8″ jack I can plug into the gun.

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Mounted Bunny Head Craft


My daughter was busy crafting animals from yarn, glue, markers, and googly eyes yesterday. When her brother saw this rabbit head he said, “That one is awesome. You should mount it on a board like a dead animal trophy.”

She immediately cut out a little cardboard base, mounted it with tape, and presented it to an amazed and proud me. I grabbed some poster putty and attached it to my workstation monitor for display. Pretty sure we need to open an Etsy store for Beatrix the taxidermist.

Mirror hang


Finally decided to hang the full-length mirror on the closet door today. So I grabbed a bag of tools.


Marked and drilled some holes.


Made some sawdust. Or whatever you call MDF spirals.


Realized the depth of the mounting brackets was too deep and would need some double-stick tape padding.

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