Magnolia Park in the LA Times

Our beloved Burbank neighborhood got a writeup in today’s LA Times. There’s also a slide show accompanying the article. These are some of the photos, by Francine Orr/Los Angeles Times. From the article:

ANTIQUE STORES and thrift shops rule Magnolia Boulevard — the main artery of Burbank’s Magnolia Park neighborhood — but that doesn’t mean the area is stuck in a dusty past. Founded in 1923, the quarter roughly bounded by Hollywood Way on the west and Buena Vista Street on the east still has Eisenhower-era storefronts, ranch-style homes dating to the 1940s and a small-town feel unblemished by chains and big-box stores. Yet Magnolia Park has found a way to parlay this into retro cool without sacrificing its independent spirit. Idiosyncratic boutiques and restaurants with a focus on nostalgic Americana are making the old new again. It might not be the next Silver Lake, but a new outpost of that area’s trendy Vietnamese eatery, Gingergrass, is coming soon, another step toward making Magnolia Park a gathering spot for the iPhone-and-Dwell-magazine crowd.

Zip tie art

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Zip tie art, originally uploaded by JohnEdgarPark.

There was an art gallery at SIGGRAPH 2008 that contained this incredible worm-hole looking piece created entirely out of zip ties. Does anyone know who the artist is?

Machinecollective protomodules

These are some gorgeous looking prototyping modules from They are meant for building physical computing interfaces, such as music control surfaces within a sturdy, attractive case. They are modular (I love modular!), can have customized faceplates, and snap together in different configurations.

The site is doing a public beta right now and should be selling modules in September.

I’d love to get some to play with for my ongoing CG character animation interface project. What would you build?

machinecollective protomodules